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General information
 Team name : etxebarri → Add to Favorites
 ID of the team : 555
 Position in the league and division : 2º in II.4
 Ranking España : 13 - Country Ranking
 ProFurgol Ranking : 654 - Total Ranking
 Country : España
 Region : País Vasco
 Name of the stadium : Coliseo Telmo Zarraonaindia "Zarra"
 Team Coach : Gavril Popa
 Owner : MOD-egocu - Send PRO-mail
 Number of fans : 21.358
 Medium valuation of the team : 498 / 1000

Official trophies

IV.49 (Season2)

III.14 (Season3)

III.5 (Season6)

III.14 (Season10)

II.4 (Season20)

II.4 (Season22)

Primera (Season24)

II.2 (Season29)

II.4 (Season35)

II.4 (Season39)

Cup runner-up (Season37)

Cup runner-up (Season38)

Cup Champion (Season8)

Cup Champion (Season22)

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despés de varios días sigo inactivo y no puedo jugar amistoso juvenil que tengo concertado, podría activar esas funciones? no se que medio usar para contacto y veo que es trabajador del pro. gracias

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