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General information
 Team name : Stroelers → Add to Favorites
 ID of the team : 13413
 Position in the league and division : 3º in Jupiler League
 Ranking België : 3 - Country Ranking
 ProFurgol Ranking : 117 - Total Ranking
 Country : België
 Region : West-Vlaanderen
 Name of the stadium : Stroelers Memorial
 Team Coach : Tito Vado
 Owner : Stroel - Send PRO-mail
 Number of fans : 19.055
 Medium valuation of the team : 431 / 1000

Official trophies

4.2 (Season8)

III.7 (Season9)

III.6 (Season11)

III.15 (Season14)

II.2 (Season15)

II.4 (Season17)

II.3 (Season25)

II.2 (Season27)

II.1 (Season29)

Jupiler League (Season36)

Cup runner-up (Season19)

Cup runner-up (Season31)

Cup runner-up (Season34)

Cup runner-up (Season35)

Cup Champion (Season32)

Team Logo
This team does not have a logo yet

The press

U-18 kandidaat bondscoach - 26/11/2017 19:53:57
Blijkbaar is er nog niemand kandidaat voor de U-18 en wordt vavavond de kandidaat stelling afgesloten.

Wie wil samen mij kandidaat zijn?

Who wants to be candidate for the U-18 with me?

Qui veut être candidate pour les U-18 avec mooi?

Sportieve groeten,


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